Board of Directors


Shin Donowaki 
Sumitomo Corporation of Americas
I was newly assigned as a director of JCAWF from February, 2015. I would like to extend my efforts in strengthening the U.S.-Japan relationship through supporting the Japanese language education in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Cherry Blossom festival and several other activities. Your continued support and assistance to JCAWF are always highly appreciated.
IsshikiRyota Isshiki
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
I have served a director of the JCAW Foundation since February, 2015. By the activities of the Foundation whose motto is “Heartfelt, homemade”, I will contribute my humble efforts to the prosperity of the local community in Washington metropolitan area, and to the healthy development of the US-Japan relationship to the best of my ability. I appreciate your continued guidance and support.
Mr.IguchiTetsuo Iguchi
Toshiba America Inc
Yuji Gonda
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
In January 2017, I was appointed to a director of JCAW Foundation. I would like to do my best to enhance community relations in Washingon metropolitan area and to promote a mutual understanding between the U.S. and Japan. I appreciate your understanding and support.
EguchiGo Eguchi
Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)
In June 2015, I was appointed to the Board of Directors of the JCAW Foundation, and concurrently, Director and Secretary for the Japan Commerce Association of Washington DC. I’m looking forward to doing my best to enhance mutual understanding between the U.S. and Japan through the various activities undertaken by the foundation.
Yukiyasu SakamotoSakamoto_Y
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
In February 2016, I was appointed to the director of JCAW Foundation. By supporting Japanese language education and local cooperation activities in Washington DC area, I hope to further mutual understanding between the U.S. and Japan and help develop Japan experts here.  I thank you for your support and assistance. 
Shinichi Hori
Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc
Upon being named a JCAW Director for Japanese Language Education Support, I was appointed as a Director for the JCAW Foundation as well in February 2015.  As one who has settled in the DC area for the long-term, I hope to contribute a long-term viewpoint to the Foundation’s goal of furthering U.S.-Japan relations, and striving to develop the region’s future generations of Japan experts and Japanophiles.

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