Cherry Blossom Centennial Commemoration Projects


I am pleased to wish you all a healthy New Year.

Thank you so very much for all the support you provided for the projects surrounding the Cherry Blossom Centennial.  Thanks to you, widespread praise was directed to the Centennial celebrations which this JCAW Foundation as well as the JCAW were able to carry out with the cooperation of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of NY and the Japanese Embassy.  I wish to again express my appreciation for your cooperation, without which we could not have produced such a successful Centennial.

The Centennial projects which you are already with somewhat familiar with are outlined below with updates through December 2012.  We will continue to convey information regarding the continuing projects via our newsletters and website (, thus please refer to these resources.  The parties involved will continue to strive to best complete these projects, and we are grateful for your continued support and cooperation.

                                                            Takashi Ohde,
President of the JCAW Foundation


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