Support Cultural Exchange Programs

From March 20th to April 13th, many cultural exchange events were held during the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC as in previous years, and many people from all over the country visited. Led by the National Cherry Blossom Festival Inc. (NCBF), supported by the JCAWF, and the Embassy of Japan, events were held which drew attention to Japanese “soft power,” such as dance, music, food, animation, literature, Igo and Shogi, Japanese card games, advanced technologies, and Japanese language. The JCAWF assisted in the operation of the events not only with financial support but also by recruiting many volunteers mainly from the members of the JCAW and their families. On April 6th, the “Lantern Lighting Ceremony,” sponsored by the National Conference of State Societies, was held at the “Japanese Stone Lantern Plaza” newly completed with the financial support of the JCAWF, and more than 200 advocates of U.S.-Japan relations gathered. The continuation of these kinds of cultural exchange plays a very important role in sustaining and strengthening the Japanese presence in Washington, DC. We at the JCAWF will continue to make an effort to promote cultural exchange.

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