October 30, 2014
Takashi Ohde, President of JCAW Foundation, Inc.
Tsunehiko Yanagihara, President of JCAW, Inc.


To All Members of the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C.,

In this time of autumn chill, I hope you are all in the best of spirits.

As in past years, we would like to again this year ask for your support and cooperation to activities conducted by the JCAW Foundation and JCAW. In the past, we sought donations to the Community Relations and the Japanese New Year Festival in Washington at the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C. (JCAW), but last year we asked you to make donations to them in the name of “the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C. Foundation (JCAWF)”. As a result we were able to gather about $59,000 last year, which was a little more than previous years, and we could conduct the Community Relations Programs and the Japanese New Year Festival in Washington successfully. We would like to express our sincere appreciation on your thorough understanding of the activities conducted by the JCAWF/JCAW and support to them.

Fortunately, Cherry Blossom Centennial Commemoration Projects that are the other prime activities in JCAWF and have been conducted since 2012 are almost completed successfully. On the other hand, some of the activities such as contribution to the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is now well known all over the United States, and support for Japanese Language Education in local schools are eagerly anticipated to continue. Therefore, we go back to the original purpose of establishing JCAWF and redefine our mission as “Deepening the US-Japan Relationship starting at Washington DC area.”, and would like to strive to enhance activities to be conducted by JCAWF.

We will conduct following activities:
1. Community Relations Programs
2. Japanese New Year Festival in Washington
3. Supports & Participation to the US-Japan Relationship Enhancement Events
4. Support on Japanese Language Education in Local Schools

JCAWF will make a fresh start to conduct activities listed above, and JCAW will continue to provide general support and cooperation to the activities. Some of the events and activities will be carried out in the future by both the JCAWF and JCAW. Therefore, we would like to ask your continued support and contribution to the donation.

The JCAWF has received 501(c)(3) certification from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) as a non-profit organization contributing much to the public good, and this qualifies not only the Foundation but also those of you who made contributions for preferential tax treatment (a tax break) within the scope of the law.

Contribution schedule:
– Corporate Members One unit = $500
– Individual Members One unit = $50

Corporate Member Group A is kindly requested to consider generous contribution over two units, i.e. $1000 or more. But any amounts, even less than one unit or 1.5 units for example, would be highly appreciated.

How to issue your checks:
Please issue your checks payable to: JCAW Foundation, Inc.
Please mention “Sponsorship” in the Memo area.

Mailing address of your checks:
Marubeni America Corporation
Washington Office
1776 I (Eye) Street, N.W., Suite 725
Washington, DC 20006

Note: Please note that the checks should be sent to Marubeni America Corporation but should be made payable to JCAW Foundation, Inc.

We look forward to your continued support. If you have any questions and/or comments, please inquire it to the following address:

JCAW Foundation Office
Phone: (202) 463-3947
Fax: (202) 463-3948

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